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Helps Restore Original Power to Entire Fuel SystemSafe for Catalytic Converters and Oxygen SensorsEasy-Pour Bottle Treats Up to 20 Gallons473ML..
31.05 SAR
Boosts Gasoline Octane LevelsBoosts Gasoline Octane Levels354ML..
18.40 SAR
AMSOIL P.i. Performance Improver Gasoline Additive• Restores up to 14% horsepower1• Reduces need for costly higher-octane fuel• Reduces noise from carbon rap and pre-ignition• Controls pre-ignition "knock"..
69.00 SAR
Helps to clean and free piston ringsHelps to free valvesRemove harmful sludge and eliminates residueNeutralizes corrosive acids..
36.80 SAR
Engine TreatmentModel: EZI Extra Power Lube 500 mlReduces friction within the Engine by 71%, increases Engine life time by 38%, reduces oil consumption by 29%, increases HP by 4.8%, reduces gas consumption by 3.7% and reduces wear at start-up. Used for big trucks..
117.30 SAR
Suitable for all kinds of new automotive motors more than 100,000 km for both; petrol and diesel's engines. EZI is a Super Lubricant that acts as an anti-friction and anti-wear product. EZI Super Lubricants are heat-activated metal treatments with petrochemical concentrates that are designed to blen..
63.25 SAR
Holts Gun Gum Paste 200gThe Holts Gun Gum Putty provides a gas tight seal on your exhaust, permanently repairing small holes and leaks in silencers and exhaust systems. Gun Gum is a leading car exhaust repair putty which has been trusted by car lovers for decades. It creates a gas tight se..
17.25 SAR
لوكاس محسن الزيت البترولي HEAVY DUTY STABILIZER..
96.60 SAR
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