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Holts Gun Gum Paste 200gThe Holts Gun Gum Putty provides a gas tight seal on your exhaust, permanently repairing small holes and leaks in silencers and exhaust systems. Gun Gum is a leading car exhaust repair putty which has been trusted by car lovers for decades. It creates a gas tight se..
17.25 SAR
لوكاس محسن الزيت البترولي HEAVY DUTY STABILIZER..
96.60 SAR
Dry cleaner Cleans and shines up plastic parts and paints SprayWash & Wax is the dry cleaner for your MOTORCYCLE. Thanks to its exclusive formula, it cleans and protects motorcycle bodies without water : fairings, rims, frames, swingarms. 1/ Easy to use, Wash & Wax wipes clean all surfa..
40.25 SAR
MOTUL SHINE & GO MOTORCYCLE Revives paintwork and varnish Leaves a protective dry sheen Trigger spray Silicone based spray to polish the whole motorcycle. Fairing, plastics, dashboard, mudguards, crash bar, paintwork, varnish, carbon parts,... Particularly recommended to obtain an ..
51.75 SAR
Lead Substitute  Motul Valve Expert is a lead replacement additive suitable for all engines fitted with soft exhaust valve seats which require lead in the Petrol to lubricate and protect from recession, including: cars, bikes, boats and gardening engines. The phosphorus formulation provide..
34.50 SAR
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