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Product InformationStops Diesel Engine HesitationHelps Remove Water from Diesel Fuel TankImproves Mileage; Dissolves Gum and Deposits354ML Add to the fuel tank up to 60 liters and do not add more diesel until is nearly the  tank is empty..
18.40 SAR
Helps to clean and free piston ringsHelps to free valvesRemove harmful sludge and eliminates residueNeutralizes corrosive acids..
36.80 SAR
Engine TreatmentModel: EZI Extra Power Lube 500 mlReduces friction within the Engine by 71%, increases Engine life time by 38%, reduces oil consumption by 29%, increases HP by 4.8%, reduces gas consumption by 3.7% and reduces wear at start-up. Used for big trucks..
117.30 SAR
Suitable for all kinds of new automotive motors more than 100,000 km for both; petrol and diesel's engines. EZI is a Super Lubricant that acts as an anti-friction and anti-wear product. EZI Super Lubricants are heat-activated metal treatments with petrochemical concentrates that are designed to blen..
63.25 SAR
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