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Easy and Quick Way to Dry and Wax CarIn One Easy StepProvides Long Lasting Shine and Protection to Car PolishWill Not Stain Plastic, Rubber, or Glass473mL..
28.75 SAR
Restores paint color, making paint finishes look like newWon't scratch clear coat paint like conventional rubbing compoundsExclusive nonabrasive liquid formulation is convenient and easy to useAlso clears yellowed, scratched and hazy head lampsUnique micropublishers remove surface scratches, swirls,..
24.15 SAR
Blue Ribbon Super Rubbing Compound 88 Body cleaning for carsAmmonia compound with a high quality suitable for rapid clean features Billow clean and brightSuitable for use auto paint shops used to clean cars Thelma oxidizing dramaticallySilicone-free and safe for use in the workshop930Grams..
23.00 SAR
The most feared enemies of our bodywork are fundamentally very similar substances, despite their apparent differences:  TAR and GLUEDECA FLASH is extremely easy to use and can dissolve and eliminate even the most stubborn traces of glue and tar from the bodywork rapidly, effortlessly and withou..
40.25 SAR
PROTECTIVE DRESSING FOR CAR INTERIORS AND EXTERIORSQuick and easy to apply vegetable and polymer wax-based productGenerating a “silk” effect on interiors plastics and leathers, it creates an effective protective barrier against the UVA rays and anti-depositing on exterior PlasticsIt does not smear o..
40.25 SAR
Its most distinguishing feature is that it's so easy to useMETAL CAR is the versatile and fast-acting Protective Wax Spray Polish for Metallic Varnishes produced in the MA-FRA R&D laboratoriesMETAL CAR was created to be used by everyone, simply and easilyMETAL CAR guarantees resultsMade of stron..
37.95 SAR
Yellow and discolored headlights are not only unattractive but also impair visibility and compromise safety, especially when driving at nightMafra has a solution to these problems: a lens renewal kit designed especially for the cleaning and maintenance of headlights at garages, service stations, bod..
69.00 SAR
Rain‑X Water Repelling Fast Wax is a premium wax that provides a high gloss shine and a protective barrier between your car’s paint and damaging elements such as rain, snow, sleet, mud, tar, and road grime. The spray-on water repelling fast wax formula is easier to use than conventional paste wax an..
35.65 SAR
Sonax Gloss Shampoo Concentrate 1L   The dirt dissolving solution penetrates thoroughly without attacking the protective wax coatingLeaves a high gloss shinePhosphate-free & pH neutralSuitable for all paintwork surfacesMade in Germany..
46.00 SAR
intensively dirt dissolving foam carpet. The pH neutral formulation is especially mild on surfaces and is ideally suitable for all waxed and sealed surfaces. Can be used in combination with a foam lance/foam gun (high pressure cleaner), a manual foam sprayer and as a regular shampoo for simple manua..
57.50 SAR
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